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Villa Alecya

A unique Belle Epoque villa

in the heart of the Loire Valley

After 2 years of renovation from 2017 to 2019, we are pleased to open the doors of Villa Alecya, an architectural gem of the Belle Epoque in the kingdom of the Loire Valley Castles, and now a unique guest house.

We offer 5 rooms and suites, furnished and decorated in the spirit of artists from the beginning of the XXth century - Proust, Oscar Wilde, Rodin, Debussy, Puccini - and their emblematic works.

Villa Alecya is also a 2.5 hectare park, with its vegetable gardens, orchards, water features and centenary trees.

It is also of course a region with an exceptional heritage to discover: the Loire Valley, listed as World Heritage by Unesco, its sumptuous castles and parks and the famous vineyards of Touraine (Chinon, Vouvray, Bourgueil). We will welcome you to share a certain Art ... of Living!

See you soon,

Anna & Christophe

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A jewel of eclectic architecture


The facades of Villa Alecya, in particular its southern one, are a stylistic firework display: classic, baroque, gothic and Renaissance elements, Anglo-Norman, Moorish and Asian influences coexist, adorned with sumptuous Art Nouveau tiles which give the Villa its color and its luster!


Villa, manor and mansion


If the architecture and exterior decoration of Villa Alecya gives it the appearance of a seaside villa, its proportions are those of a mansion and interior organization that of a private mansion from the beginning of the 20th century: winter garden, reception lounges, smoking room, grand staircase, ballroom and maids rooms - everything is there for the comfort of its guests and the splendor of its receptions!


Villa Alecya's park and gardens


The park of Villa Alecya, extending over 2.5 hectares, is designed according to Belle Epoque's landscape canons: meadow, underwood, river and pond (with its island!) punctuate the walk along the aisles . Our guests have access to the entire park and will be able to take advantage of the seasons to enjoy flowering orchards, daffodils and roses in Spring, the freshness of the underwood or bask in our gardens in summer, wild cyclamen carpets and the sumptuous colors of Autumn, or the winter sun!


Vegetable gardens…

As part of the renovation of the Villa and park, 2 vegetable gardens were (re) created: "Eugène's garden", our "master-gardener", in 2018 with its particularly "graphic" vegetable triangles, welcoming vegetables and fruit shrubs (raspberries, redcurrants, physallis ...) and the "Countryside garden" in 2019, where space-hungry vegetables flourish: tomatoes, melons, pumpkins ... If you come across Eugène, he will be happy to make you taste the vegetables and fruits of the moment!


...and orchards !


The clearing of the park has also rejuvenated 2 orchards and discover a 3rd one, totaling a hundred trees (apple, pear, plum and cherry trees) which are gradually reborn after years of abandonment. These gardens and orchards provide vegetables and fruit for breakfasts and dinners at Villa Alecya's table d'hôte".


A little history


Villa Alecya was built between 1904 and 1906, in the heart of the Belle Epoque. Originally intended to be the most beautiful villa in a popular seaside resort, it was finally built in the heart of Touraine! It was then called Villa Chauveau, after the first owners, and benefited from the latest technical advances of the time: electricity and toilets on each floor! It will then become the Villa des Raimbault and will cross the 20th century with more or less happiness…

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The "Belle Epoque"


Villa Alecya is a time machine that transports you to the heart of the Belle Epoque, and lets you discover the customs and lifestyle of the early 1900s. The Belle Epoque was a fireworks of technical innovations (electricity, bicycle, automobile, plane, but also cinema) and a great time for the Arts: the first cabarets like the Moulin Rouge, first movies. It is also the beginning of globalization and the opening to other cultures.

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